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In Brief

Scoutnet ry. - Scoutnet Finland (SNF) is a Scouting association founded in the year 2002. SNF is the national representative of the Scoutnet network in Finland, offering IT services and education for the Finnish Scouts and Guides as well as participating to the international co-work, aiming to make the international activity and friendship without borders easier thru the use of the information services. We connect Scouts!

For general information about the Scoutnet service ideals, which SNF follows and implements in Finland - and co-operationally with other Scoutnet countries also internationally - please have a look at the Global Scoutnet website at

There is a newsgroup for general discussion about Scoutnet Finland and all related topics, located in the Scoutnet news servers globally, the - it is, however, intended to be used for discussion in Finnish, so please preferably use the mail address given below to contact us and present your ideas; they can be translated for the newsgroup if asked.

You can contact Scoutnet Finland thru our Country Coordinator: Chairman Kimmo "Kipe" Vääriskoski,

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